I hear you are interested in a Lash Career

Does This Sound Like You?

“ I have a passion for beauty and I am ready to put in the work. I just don’t know where to start or how to begin.”


“ I am not sure if I have enough patience to do lashes full time.”


“I have a full-time job and I am not sure if I have enough time to invest in starting my own lash business.”


“ I want to do lashes but I am not sure if now is a good time for me to become a licensed professional.”

I hear you….

I was just like you. I searched all over the country for the best lash artists to learn from. I took several (8 certification classes to be exact) certification courses; I went to trade shows, lash summits and even became a trainer with a leading lash brand. I know how hard it is to make a commitment to invest in you.

What are the things for you to consider?

Is this trainer accessible after the course? Is there an opportunity to shadow afterwards?

What will I be learning? Business? Marketing? Pricing?

Is a kit included?

How long has the creator of the course been in business? How many times have they been certified? Are they Licensed?

Will I put in the work needed to see this through?

Because I’ve spent thousands of dollars on training, I know how it feels to spend money and still feel like I need more confidence to be successful. That is why I made sure our classic class is comprehensive. AND, I have teamed up with one of the most sought out trainers in our Industry, Lia Lash Pro.

Today, I extend to you a special invite to get Dual Certified with US! Experience The Ultimate Lash Training and a two-day in person training with the team of iLashCharlotte. This is the first program of its kind; the lash industry has never seen two programs in one. Become a Certified Industry Lash pro today!



    Here is what to expect…

    • You will complete a 5-hour Online training with Lia Lash Pro
    • You will have 1 year access to the online course
    • You will get a “free” online photography class in addition to the ultimate lash training
    • You will experience hands on practice for a two-day in person session with a iLashCharlotte educator
    • You will get live model practice and complete your first ‘Full Set”
    • You will be introduced to business concepts to ensure you know the right steps to take
    • You will have the opportunity to shadow after your training

    By the end of the workshop, aspiring entrepreneurs leave understanding,

    • The full set process from start to finish
    • How to pick up lashes
    • Which type of tweezers work best for you
    • Understand all the different types of lashes and why we have so many options
    • How to select quality products
    • Know exactly what products you need to get started
    • And, so much more! (Check the education page on our website for specific topic breakdown)

    We will only train in small groups so don’t get stuck not making a decision! If you have any specific questions, you can call iLashCharlotte directly to find out if a classic class is the right learning path for you! 678.698.1556 


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