5 Symptoms Of A Lash Addict

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In life, we all have our habits. Some good, some bad. If you ask me, lashes are one of those good habits in life. What could be better than making a girl feel good and look great, right? I’ve been lashing for years now and I love all of my clients especially because they come back for more…and more! But, sometimes your desire for fresh, full lashes sets in before you next appointment. You start dreaming of more fluff or obsess over the one lash you saw on your pillow case last night. If any of the following sound familiar to you, then you might be a lash addict.

1. You see your lash artist more than you see some family members and friends. When you’ve got it bad for lashes, then you know that your lash artist is your best friend. You have her saved in your phone and she’s easily a top 10 contact. Sometimes you’re even guilty of trying to move your next appointment to tomorrow (or now)- depending on your need for more fluff because she is your #bestie.

2. You plan your schedule around your next appointment. That two-hour span you spend getting your lashes refilled is an absolute necessity in your life. You can’t be a day late. The rest of your life can wait until your lashes are full and fluffy once again.

3. You panic when your lash artist goes out of town. The thought of not being able to reach her puts you on edge. “Maybe I’ll call her for one more quick touch up before she goes?” (guilty?)

4. You avoid activities that might affect your lashes. Forget about saunas or swimming laps each morning for exercise. A true lash addict would never put the safety and health of her gorgeous fluff at risk!

5. A shed lash makes your heart skip a beat. When you’re a lash addict, it’s hard to remember that lashes (even extensions) naturally shed in between appointments. It’s full on CODE RED if you wake up to a lash extension on your pillow!

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