5 Makeup Hacks From A Pro That Will Help Enhance Hooded Eyes

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As a lash artist, I’ve styled every eye shape out there. In addition to being a lash artist and trainer, I’m also a licensed esthetician and I enjoy doing occasional makeup sessions if my schedule permits. When it comes to eye glam, there’s one eye shape in particular that’s worth sharing a few tips…the hooded eye.

Hooded eyes are known for their lack of visible lid space. When you have hooded eyes, that means the crease created by your eyelid can appear to be hidden. When this occurs, certain eye makeup looks get lost in the crease and fall flat. Here are some pro tips for hooded eye glam.

Use a primer. Eye primer is optional for those with almond shaped eyes, but it’s a must-have for hooded lids, which have a tendency to smear and eye makeup. A good primer can help your shadow crease less and stay put longer.

Wing your liner. Hooded eyes can sometimes look slightly downturned. To counteract that appearance, draw your liner outward and upward. The wing doesn’t have to be dramatic (unless you want it to be). Remember to keep the line thin because you don’t have a lot of lid space to work with.

Create your own crease. Forget about your natural crease if you have hooded eyes. The best way to apply shadow is to create your own crease slightly above your natural crease. Accentuate the outer corners with a slightly darker shadow for a refreshed, open-eyed look.

Embrace the cat eye. When I see hooded eyes as a lash artist, I love to do a cat eye look. This style draws attention upward and outward creating a sultry look that opens the eye. Just be careful not to weigh down the outside corners because hooded eyes are also usually downturned. Highlight. Finish your look with a highlighter right under the natural arch in your brow. This will help draw attention upward and open up the eye a bit more.

Being able to provide simple tips like this to your clients can help take your lash business to the next level. Join us in our Classic Lash Training August 12-13 to learn more about becoming a lash entrepreneur and an Industry Lash Pro.

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