Lash Like A Pro: What To Look For In Lighting

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Lash Education, Students | 0 comments

If you’re in the beauty industry, then you already know lighting is everything. The lighting in your salon is an essential detail of your business and not something you should overlook.

After all, it takes perfect lighting to create perfect lashes!

So, how do you create a relaxing environment while having enough light to work? Here’s what to look for…

1. Mimic natural light. Even if you have a big, open window in your studio, don’t actually rely on natural light on a daily basis. Though it’s optimal light, it’s not reliable. Some lash studios might not even have access to a window (raising my hand) . Find a light that best mimics natural light. Think LED over fluorescent.

2. Look for an adjustable light. You want your light to be flexible. You never know when you’ll have to adjust. Opt for a light that moves easily and is lightweight. You don’t want something heavy or complicated holding you back.

3. Brightness feature. A big part of having a great lash light is being able to adjust the brightness levels. Lighting can really set the mood and create a warm and inviting environment for your clients. Lighting during a consultation is different than lighting during lashing.

As far as recommendations, there are a few great options on the market. If you have a big budget, the Glamcor light is wonderful! However, I also can tell you that you don’t need to spend all that money because a Ring Light works well, too!

*Pro Tip* Just make sure it’s large enough not to cast a shadow on one side of the face. 

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