3 Common Habits That Are Actually Ruining Your Natural Lashes

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We all want to be healthy! Everyone knows about the importance of eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. It’s easy to find information on how to take care of your body, but what about your lashes?

Have you ever even thought about the importance of having a healthy lash line? We think about it a lot as lash artists because having a healthy base is an essential part of lashing. There are some bad habits out there that many people probably don’t even realize hurt their lashes…so let’s talk about them!

Using Eyelash Curlers

These contraptions are so bad for your natural lashes- even worse if you use them after applying mascara. Squeezing can damage or even break the hair follicle especially when you get the curler too close to the lash base.

Overusing Waterproof Mascara

These formulas stick for a reason! And, though it maybe tempting to have smudge-proof lashes day after day, you might be doing damage to your lashes in the long run. Waterproof mascara is not easy to remove and causes unnecessary stress and strain on your lash line. Use sparingly!

Keeping Expired Makeup

Yes, makeup has an expiration date…especially mascara! In fact, mascara tubes can be full of bacteria and debris that collect in your makeup bag over time. As a general rule of thumb, replace your mascara every 3 months.

The good news is you can eliminate these bad habits by simply opting for a great set of lash extensions! Spring is the perfect time to get them a try before the heat and humidity of summer set in. Message us today to learn more about specials!

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