Am I A Candidate For Lash Extensions?

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Just like any other beauty procedure, some people are candidates and others are not. At iLash Charlotte, we also focus on educating our community and clients about eyelash extensions. It’s important to understand what lashes are and, more importantly if they’re for you. Before you book an appointment, ask yourself these 3 questions.

Are your lashes healthy enough to support extensions?

A healthy base is essential for creating beautiful lash sets. Weak, brittle, or nonexistent natural lashes are red flags. Luckily, there are many great serums and conditioners that can help improve and strengthen then health of your natural lashes.

Do you have allergies or eye sensitivity?

Can’t stop itching your eyes? On medication for serious allergies? Fall victim to burning, red eyes daily and Visine is your best friend? If so, you are likely not a candidate for lash extensions.

Will you retain the service?

Lash extensions aren’t just a one-time deal. Classic and volume sets require 2-3 week infills. Lash extensions aren’t for special events but there are other ways to enhance the length and volume of your lashes if you are booking for one event.

Give us a call today to learn more about lash extensions and your concerns. We can help you determine what’s right for you without wasting your time or money!

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