What’s Normal-And What’s Not-When It Comes To Lashes

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We’ve all been there….

Wake up a week after a lash appointment and BOOM there’s a lash on your pillowcase. Before you hit the panic button, here are a few things you should know about lash extensions, the natural lash cycle, and poor lash application.

Not Normal: Your Lashes Hurt

Lash extensions should never hurt. Pain is either caused by poor lash application or an allergic reaction. If your lashes hurt, contact your lash artist immediately. If you see that your lashes are crisscrossed or clumpy, that’s a sign of poor application and is also not normal.

Normal: Lashes Shed

Remember that lash extensions are semipermanent meaning you’ll need refills every 2-3 weeks to keep them full and fluffy. The eyelash has a fairly quick growth cycle, ranging from 45-60 days,
depending on your age and health of your eyelashes. It’s natural to see lashes shed the closer you get to your refill appointment- don’t miss it!

Not Normal: Premature Shed

If you experience several lashes falling off within the first 3 days after your appointment, you need to address this with your lash artist. Premature shedding is not always a sign of poor application. It can be caused by poor client care or just an issue with the adhesive used. A quality lash artist will work with you to try and identify the personal cause of your premature shedding.

Normal: Lash Addiction

Can’t stop looking at your fluffy flutters? Do you do a double take at any glance of yourself you catch? Do you have your next refill appointment on your calendar with 10 reminders? There are just a few signs you might be a lash addict!

As Lash Artists, we love to see the way clients look in the mirror after their appointments! Lashes are truly about bringing out the beauty inside <3

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