Salon Sanitation; Proper Practices for Running a Safe and Clean Business

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When it comes to running your lash studio, salon or spa, cleanliness is a big priority. A clean salon feels welcoming and appearance is an essential part in running a successful business. Aside from looking pretty, a clean salon is a safe salon. Maintaining a safe (and clean) salon boils down to three factors, sanitization, disinfection and sterilization.

Have you ever really stopped to think about the difference between these terms? We tend to lump them all into the same category but they are all very different. For starters, sanitizing helps reduce the number of disease-causing organisms to lower levels. This helps us stay safe (think hand sanitizer) but isn’t 100% preventative. In fact, sanitizing does not even affect some strains of viruses.

What should you sanitize in your lash studio? Your hands, your work station, your bed or anything that comes in contact with a client.

Since sanitizing doesn’t even affect some strains of viruses, think of the “next level” of cleanliness as disinfection. Just as it sounds, disinfectants work to destroy microorganisms. The agents found in common disinfectants work to destroy and disinfect present pathogens. Think of disinfectant as reactive and sanitizing as proactive.

What should you disinfect in your lash studio? Anything that comes in contact with a client that you plan to reuse. Tweezers, scissors, and any obvious other tools are great candidates for an alcohol bath. Don’t forget about doorknobs, handles, your studio light, cell phone etc.

Lastly, there’s sterilization. The “ultimate” way to clean something. Sterilization methods use high heat or pressure to completely kill all non-pathogenic and pathogenic spores, fungi and viruses. Proper sterilization is commonly used on metal instruments.

What should you sterilize in your salon? Anything that comes in touch with bodily fluids. If you are lashing, this is probably unlikely but blood is an obvious one. If you are lashing in a medical spa or office setting, you are more likely to have sterilization practices in place for everyone’s safety.

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