3 Rules for Difficult Lashes

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At some point in your lash career, you’re bound to come across some wild natural lashes. For those who have been lashing-you know what I mean! Curly, twisted, layered, straight, and everything in between. The more you lash, the more you see! Luckily, I’ve seen my fair share of difficult natural lashes. I know how challenging it can be especially when starting out. Next time you have a client with difficult natural lashes, use these tips to help you through.

Clean. Use a disposable mascara wand to groom lashes before you start. Keep an approved lash cleanser on hand to remove dirt and debris so you can start with a good base. Carefully brush and examine their lashes before you being to determine the best length, curl and style. The mascara wand will also help tame curly or long lashes that might overlap naturally to help eliminate problems before you begin.

Isolate. Even though proper isolation is essential for any lash set, you’ll want to spend some extra time on your clients with difficult natural lashes. Curly, straight, or layered lashes can sometimes make isolating even harder. Be sure to take your time and completely isolate the lash before you add any adhesive to avoid twisting and sticking together. Be sure to master the 90 degree rule (insert link to old blog post) that will help prevent lashes from sticking together.

Move Around. One common mistake beginning lash artists make is working “in order”. When you are starting out, don’t worry about moving from one lash to the next. If your adhesive isn’t set from the lash before, you could run into some big problems especially with difficult natural lashes. This is why it’s essential to map out your plan. Once you have a lash map in place, you can move around freely. Lash the outside corner of the left eye and move on to the inner corners or even the other eye. As you continue to lash, you’ll develop a rhythm and a preference on how you construct your lash sets.

The good news is that the more experience you have, the easier lashing will be. Quality training is the best way to prepare for lashing all types of clients. Join us for our Classic Lash training in Charlotte this May 20-21st so you can master these rules and more!

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