Looking Back and Planning Ahead So You Can Reach Your 2021 Goals

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The goal of 2020 was to make it to 2021.

We all recognize the hardships and setbacks we faced this year. Now, it’s time to move forward. The bad news is COVID-19 is still surging and will likely continue to be a looming threat in 2021.

It’s scary…emotional… and downright exhausting.

Many of us are still processing March 2020 and here were are with 2021 just a few weeks away. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning for 2021 personally and professionally. Here are a few ways to boost your business motivation and creativity so you dominate anything that 2021 has in store for you!

Set Deadlines And Schedule Things

We just dropped our 2021 Classic Lash Training dates and we’re looking forward to training new lash entrepreneurs this year. Our first class is set for January 16, 2021!! Setting the date makes it official. Are there workshops, meetings, webinars, trainings, or business development pieces that you need to schedule to motivate yourself? If you’re not ready to set a date in stone just yet, create a decision deadline and stick to it! If you still don’t feel ready to schedule it – move on, move forward, and come back to it when it feels right.

Set Monthly Goals

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2020 it’s that you have to be flexible Resiliency is key during these challenging times. Instead of setting year-long goals, start smaller. Focus on reasonable goals you can build upon. Set yourself up for success. Scratching something off your list can help you feel good and provide the inspiration you need to stay motivated.

Write It Down

Take the time to sit down and write out a rough draft of 2021. What are you working towards and (more importantly) what steps can you take to get there? Writing and journaling are wonderful ways to inspire creativity. I’m a big fan of vision boards which can help you take an idea or a goal and turn it into a concrete objective you can clearly visualize.

Whatever your plans for 2021, make sure you practice self-care. Be kind to yourself. Make a New Year’s resolution to find a healthier work/life balance so you can be the best version of yourself each day!

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