The Marketing Gem Many Lash Entrepreneurs Overlook

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Artists and entrepreneurs, I’m sharing a BIG aha! moment that can really boost your business…and it has nothing to do with lashes, tips, or techniques. If you want to take your business to the next level, then you have to step into the mind of your ideal client.

All of your marketing pieces including your website, social media, and business cards, should be designed for what your client wants, NOT what YOU want. I personally love black backgrounds and wispy white fonts, but, once I identified my ideal client (her name is ‘Claire’’) I quickly understood she likes light and airy colors paired wit dark print!

Meet Claire

Claire is my all-star, ideal client and after days…weeks..even months of research and brand development. I really had to dive in and pinpoint my ideal client to better understand my voice, tone, and brand. Challenge yourself to develop your own Claire (yes, give her name) and make sure all of your marketing is geared directly toward Claire.

Here’s how specific you should be….

Claire wears glasses to read and wouldn’t dare to spend time viewing a website that strains her eyes. Claire likes striking photos with symmetry of placement and color scheme. She prefers visual content that tells a story and wants to feel like she is aligning herself with experts. I realized that my website, was aesthetically pleasing in my eyes, but not to the client who I wanted to attract. Now, my business gets a lot of interest, but I am looking for the Claires of Charlotte.

As business owners and service providers, we are already busy. I know how daunting a task like rebranding can seem but, once you decide to begin, the creative work seems to flow with ease.

Remember, rebounding doesn’t always have to me a total overhaul of your brand. You don’t always have to change your logo for a rebrand. You can alter a color scheme or simply come up with a new and fun way to present content.

How Does Claire Find You?

My biggest mistake was spending time on my social media account looking at things that I liked. I needed to search social media hashtags that I believed Claire would frequent. I began engaging with local accounts that belonged to gyms, spas, boutiques and salons that would enhance my chance of her seeing me, without just randomly landing on my business page. Spend time doing this as one of your many job titles, business owner.

Trust me, Claire will find you if your put in the work.



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