The Power of Female Entrepreneurship In The Lash Industry

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Kamala Harris’ Vice Presidential nomination shattered the glass celling in politics as we know it. Regardless of where you stand politically, can’t we all just take a moment to bask in the positive energy surrounding female empowerment? As Vice President Harris pointed out…she’s the first but she won’t be the last!

Outside of the political spotlight, women across the country are shattering ceilings and moving forward every day. At Industry Lash Pro, female entrepreneurship has been the core of our training program since day one. Our courses are designed to help support aspiring lash artists to develop the business skills and industry techniques it takes to become successful lash entrepreneurs

November is National Entrepreneurship Month and we couldn’t let it pass by without sharing a few entrepreneur tips that have helped our favorite lash entrepreneur, Allison Williams, along the way. 

What Advice Would You Give A Lash Entrepreneur Who Is Just Starting Out?

For new lash artists just starting out, the key is consistency in practice. You will have to do at least 20 models to develop your craft and build content for your promotion campaign. The ‘free lashes’ and time you spend will only benefit your future. Once your technique is where you like it, only use influencers as models going forward. When I say influencers, I mean bloggers, hairstylists, realtors or doctors who have 5k or more followers on their social media accounts. Trade services for promotional use only. Once you’ve put in the work, realize your time is valuable. Do not waste time on friends and family. All my girlfriends pay full price for lashes. This is my profession. They respect me and pay for my time. I suggest you do the same.

What’s The Difference Between A Lash Artist vs. Lash Entrepreneur?

A lash “artist” is someone who has studied the craft and understands all dynamics of the technique. Lash artists understand “the perfect line technique,” texturizing, layering, transitions, weight ratios and so much more. Most lash “techs” just know how to apply lashes. Strive to be more than just a lash tech. Strive to be a lash “artist” and lash “entrepreneur.” A true lash entrepreneur spends time learning the business of the lash industry. Know your accounting, marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, and inventory just to name a few. Entrepreneurs wear all the hats! Wear whatever hat you have to wear that day and be confident and proud.

How Do You Create A Healthy Work/Life Balance?

I must say, I have not managed work and life balance well. What I have learned is that without mental clarity, I could not do what I do on a daily basis. Every morning, I spend just 10 min a day meditating, I work out 3 days a week and I also have wine night every Friday. These are the things that keep me grounded and a little less stressed. Take time for yourself regularly. It’s an important part of how you’ll be a successful entrepreneur.

Happy lashing and business building!

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