Time to Follow Up

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Are you following up with your clients? As a lash artist, it is essential to remember to follow up with your clients after their lash session. When I started implementing this step into my business, I noticed an increase in my retention. By following up, I provided excellent customer service and built relationships and loyalty with my clients. Here are four ways following up helped my business. 

  1. Are your clients happy? Send out a survey to get your client’s feedback. Include questions on your survey like do you feel discomfort with your lashes? Are you pleased with the length of your lashes? Do you have any suggestions to improve your lash service experience? Getting their feedback will allow you to enhance their experience with you and help implement their recommendations with your future clients.


  1. Build a relationship with your clients. This will help them feel more comfortable coming back to you in the future. It is said that your clients can become closer to you than your family. Cultivating these relationships will grow loyalty and an excellent word-of-mouth advertising system.


  1. Let your clients know you are available for future appointments. Send a cute infographic with your availability for the week. It may help them book another session. You’ll be surprised at how helpful it is to call your clients, letting them know you have availability. Letting them know your openings is convenient for clients to bypass going on your website and booking. It saves them steps.


  1. Show your clients how thankful you are for them and their business. Your clients can go to anyone to apply their lashes, but they choose you. Always show that you are grateful for their business soon after the session. People remember how you made them feel faster than what you did for them. Follow up with a thank you text for their business; emojis always brighten up someone’s day. 


Great ways to execute your follow-ups include automated text messages, emails, e-cards, or personal phone calls. All of which are effective. Follow-ups show your clients that you care and when they know you care, they will return.


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