What Makes Industry Lash Pro Training Different?

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Industry Lash Pro Training

Deciding to invest in your future is always a good idea! If you’ve decided to get on the path to earning a six-figure career as a lash artist, we know you have a lot of choices when it comes to training. There are lots to consider before investing in a lash training program. At Industry Lash Pro, it’s important that our students get their money’s worth and beyond! Here are a few things that make our program one of the best on the east coast….

We Build Lash Entrepreneurs- Not Just Lash Artists

Most lash training courses just focus on applying lashes one by one. You go through the motions then get a piece of paper saying you completed a “training”. I some cases, you can do this online (yikes!) That’s NOT the Industry Lash Pro mindset.

We’re helping our students become lash entrepreneurs one class at a time. The truth is, being a lash entrepreneur encompasses more than lashing. Our courses include a heavy business focus to help our students succeed. It’s essential to master the art of lashing, but business concepts are what help you reach that six-figure barrier.
We also provide ongoing support to our graduates with a network of connections, advice, and educational guidance.

We’ll Help You Master Consultations

Through our years of experience, we recognize the essential role successful consultations play in growing your lash business. Just because you open a lash studio doesn’t mean the people will come. We teach our students the important pillars of outreach, marketing, and client communication.

Our Industry Lash Pro training classes focus on the art of mastering a consultation. The dos and don’ts…the ins and outs…all of the valuable tips we’ve learned through experience. These bonuses are the things that help our students find

We Focus on Lash Design

We believe lashing is an art. Every set is different and there are so many factors to consider when crafting that perfect set. Our training programs focus on lash design and technique. Perfect practice makes perfect lashes! We’ll cover everything from eye anatomy and lash growth patterns to ILP product theory, design basics, and beyond.

Building a solid foundation with good techniques can set you up for a lifetime of success. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to investing in your future. Lashing is one of the most profitable areas of the beauty industry and now is the perfect time to jump on board. Our competitive pricing and unmatched support give you even more reasons to start this month!

We have 3 spots left in our August Classic Lash Training Course…will you join us?

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