6 Money making steps to take after becoming a certified lash artist

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Everyone dreams of having financial freedom and working in an industry they can really enjoy. With the increasing demand for certified lash artists, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this exciting opportunity and make a business out of it.

To help you make money as a certified lash artist, here are 6 money-making steps you can take. From creating your own website to launching your own products, these steps will help you set yourself up for success as a reliable and successful lash artist in no time.




STEP1: Brainstorm the pain points of your client


As a LashBiz CEO, it is your job to understand their struggles and concerns to come up with a service that solves those problems. By getting to the root of the issue, you can create a more effective approach and deliver better results for your clients.

Start with this question, “What problems do my clients need to solve?”



STEP2: Research your competition


Understanding your industry competitors and the challenges they come up against when competing in this area helps identify potential opportunities you can leverage to differentiate yourself from everyone else. Investing time while researching the competition may help you gain a better foothold in this growing market.


Do a simple Google search of the competition and salons in your area. Here is a list of the things you should note:


  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Services
  • Specialty
  • Branding and marketing strategy



STEP3: Create a Facebook and Instagram page


Creating a Facebook and Instagram page is an effective way to engage with your target audience and build relationships while promoting your brand, product, or service.


However, creating an effective page is more than just creating a profile on these platforms. It includes developing the right content strategy, engaging with potential customers, and staying ahead of the competition.


Here’s some tips on how to make your bio:


  1. Explain and clarify what you do
  2. Spark curiosity, create awareness or build a connection
  3. Build your credibility.
  4. Give a call to action DM to Book, click the link to book
  5. Share your location!!!! Clients want to know where they are going




STEP4: Find models


Models are EVERYWHERE! I will share my top 5 models I love to work with that are influential and have brought me the most business.

  1. Realtors
  2. Hairstylists
  3. Flight attendants
  4. Nurse/medical front desk
  5. Makeup artists


You can create your own. Make a list of places to visit to find models and hit the streets.



STEP5: Write your website content


For starters, you can create a basic user-friendly website. Just keep it basic and branded. Sites that are too complicated will scare off clients and discourage them not to book.


Your website pages must include:


  1. Home page – What is your specialty and the problem you solve
  2. About Me – Your story, Pictures of you everywhere!
  3. New Client page – Everything your client should expect before booking (A picture of your space would be nice), FAQs and Policies
  4. Book now page



STEP6: Price your services


When pricing services, it is important to consider the following:

  • Value you bring to your clients
  • Quality of work, speed, and accuracy
  • Your time
  • Material costs
  • Competition


Becoming a certified lash artist is one of the most rewarding career paths out there.


Not only can you offer your clients top-notch services, but you can also make good money out of it. With the right steps, you can leverage your certification to start Lashing for CASH!}


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