The One Surprising Product That Should Never Touch Your Lashes

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Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? And, in the age of the Internet, it’s easy so easy to find hacks and shortcuts that save time and money. As much as we love at home solutions, it’s important to leave lashing to the professionals.

I’ve seen a lot over the years as a lash artist. I’ve also read (and heard) some pretty alarming DIY hacks when it comes to lashes like, for example, using olive oil to remove lash extensions- DON’T.

I’d like that think that most lash lovers know not to use something like olive oil- or any oil- on their lashes. But there’s a rumor floating around that I saw when it comes cleaning lashes that we need to address. There’s a few pins and posts I’ve seen about using Baby Shampoo as a daily cleanser for lashes. On the surface, it seems like a harmless and safe tip that can save you money on buying a lash cleanser, right? Here are a few problems with using baby shampoo to clean your lashes…

It’s A Drying Agent

Much like soap, baby shampoo contains preservatives that can dehydrate lashes and cause them to break or fall out. Some brands of baby shampoo contain fragrances which ads more chemicals to the equation.

NOT Ophthalmology Tested

Baby shampoo was not created or intended to be used as an eye cleanser. In other words, ‘tear free’ doesn’t mean it’s OK to use around your eyes. Our eyes are a sensitive organ that we need to take care of. Lash artists shouldn’t recommend a product (like baby shampoo) for cleaning lashes because it hasn’t been properly tested for such use.

What About Benefits?

Once again, baby shampoo wasn’t designed to clean your lash extensions so there simply aren’t any added benefits to using it. There are plenty of great lash serums on the market that help build strong, beautiful lashes that are safe to use.

Give us a call/text today and we’ll be happy to recommend a few lash cleansers for you!

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