Corporate Glam: Tips For Lash Extensions In The Office

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Customers, Lash Education | 2 comments

Lash extensions and falsies have gone from a special-occasion treat to a must-have, everyday accessory. From the office to happy hour, women everywhere are sporting gorgeous lashes and that’s because lash extensions truly are for everyone!

But this week, we’re putting the spotlight on corporate women. You know, the professional women working hard all day who don’t really have time for an extensive makeup routine?

Many #girlbosses have walked through the doors of iLashCharlotte over the years and owner Allison Williams has a few recommendations for those who want to sport a little corporate lash glam.

Start off with a natural look

For my new clients just trying lashes, I always recommend starting with a classic set and building up from there. Classic lashes provide a natural look which is a good transition from no lashes to glam.

Plan your refill appointments

Professional women have busy schedules but skipping a refill is a huge no-no. Tip: Take full advantage of your full appointments! Block off two hours every 3-4 weeks and enjoy being pampered- your deserve it!

Go Hybrid!

Hybrid lashes are great for those who love volume but don’t have the time for a full volume set. This technique is really all about mixing classic & volume lashes to create the perfect look. The classic extensions will lengthen lashes while the volume fans will help add fullness resulting in full on glam with time to spare.

One of the great things about eyelash extensions is that they are completely customizable. At iLashCharlotte, we consider our client’s eye shape, lifestyle, and lash goals to create a perfect (and practical) set for each client.

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