The Truth About Inexpensive Cotton Balls & Why It’s Time To Say Goodbye

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Cotton balls are a bathroom staple! Usually found someone on the sink or cabinet next to your skincare products, right?

Those little white fluffs seem harmless enough and you can’t beat the price!

The truth is, cotton balls could actually be damaging your skin and lash care routine. Here are a few things everyone should know about cotton balls and your beauty routine…

You’re Actually Wasting Money

It’s easy enough to find a cheap bag of cotton balls at the store, but you’re throwing money out the window in the long run. Cheap cotton balls and pads waste products. We’ve all done it! You squeeze some toner onto a cotton ball and BOOM it’s gone before it hits your face.

You’re Ruining Your Lash Extensions

Cheap cotton pads and cotton balls are the go-to for removing eye makeup and applying skincare products, but they will RUIN your lashes. Do not use cotton balls if you have eyelash extensions….period. We recommend using a brush to clean your lash extensions. The brush will ensure that the lash line stays clean. The brush helps to flick the debris away from the lash line keeping your lashes clean and safe!

What Are You Putting On Your Face?!

Most of us probably don’t think we need to read the label of something so common as cotton balls, but the truth is they can contain chemicals. Your typical drugstore cotton balls contain bleach and other additives that you should have near your face and eyes.

In the end, it’s worth it to spend a few dollars more on some premium beauty gauze/pads. After all, if you are going to invest in lashes or quality skincare, spending a few dollars more on your cotton pads is worth it!

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