Why Being ‘High Maintenance’ Isn’t Such A Bad Thing!

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It’s time to end the stigma surrounding all those who have ever been called ‘high maintenance’! There are actually some pretty positive things about ‘high maintenance’ people’. For starters, it doesn’t always mean that the person only cares about looks. As with any stigma, we need to stop breaking people down by a small portion of their overall identity.

So, in honor of all my high maintenance friends, family, and clients…here’s a few ways it pays off the be high maintenance.

High Maintenance People Are Real

You know what you want and you go for it…that’s not a bad thing! I think people get confused about the perception of high maintenance. Just because someone takes a while to get ready, gets a manicure every two weeks, and takes care of their appearance doesn’t make them a bad person, it makes them REAL.

High Standards Are Important

Holding yourself to a higher standard is a secret motivator for those who are successful in life. Pushing yourself to be better and to do better can really help you reach your goals in life. As with anything ,there’s a limit so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Confidence Is Key

Many people spend their lives trying to build confidence. The high maintenance lady already has it. Many people who don’t know what their standards are exactly can lose sight of why this is important to have, sometimes resulting in settling for less than they deserve. Know your worth and add tax!

After being in the lash business all of these years, I know what some people say about lashes and other beauty procedures in general. If it makes you happy then DO IT! You aren’t high maintenance because you love lashes, or spa trips, or Botox. Be YOU!

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