Most Unusual Lash Extension Requests + How to deal with it

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Have you ever had someone request really short lashes?


Short Lash Request



The demographics of the Lash industry’s customers are extremely diverse. However, mature women are the ideal market.


Here’s a few justifications for why this market is ideal:


  • The mature clientele is the clientele that pays since they have disposable income.


  • They are on time for their appointments


  • They are the most loyal.




This market requires more than your creativity as a lash tech. It also requires good customer management. Sometimes lashing is not about what lash design you want to do, it’s about creating work that the most valuable target market wants.


Typically this target market wants the same length of lashes they already have.



What they really desire is darkness and fullness. They want to look natural with accentuated lashes.



Sometimes, you will have to lash the lashes shorter than the client’s natural lash to create the perfect design to enhance their eye shape.


This might be a challenge for lash technicians who are used to doing long lashes. But remember to not let your perception of what someone wants to cause you to lose a client for good.


So the next time a client asks you for a shorter length than you think, try giving her what she wants and take your skills to the next level. You might just be surprised at the level of loyalty and consistency you see with your clientele.


Requests for shorter lashes are uncommon, but shorter natural sets could be your bread and butter.

Thank me later!

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