How waiting to invest in yourself will keep you down as a Lash Artist.

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So you’re waiting for the right time to invest in yourself, but you’re still not sure when is the right time.

Perhaps your 9-5 job takes all the time and energy you have to invest in yourself.

Or you’re a mom trying to make ends meet with a few side jobs.

How do you choose between yourself and these other priorities?

When do you actually begin investing in yourself? 


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A few years back, when I began my journey as a lash artist, my focus then was not the same as my focus now.

The goal was to get the skills, get certified, and start getting paid!

I didn’t need to invest in myself more than that. Right? 

You see, the lash classes I took helped me with my artistry, but the lessons I learned after taking those classes were worth more, even more than what I paid for those classes.

Let me explain…


#1 Exposure & Brand Awareness

Every time I went to a class, I would document my experience. 

I posted that experience on social media because I felt proud of it!

Before I knew it, I was attracting more followers and engaging with more people passionate about lashes.



#2 Endurance

The relationships I made in each course helped me become a better Lash Artist. 

I had more courage to deal with new challenges.

Trust me, you can always count on new challenges, BUT if you’ve got that fire that invariably ignites you to keep moving forward and not lose heart no matter how tough times get, you’ll win!



#3 Smarter Strategies 

I wish I had focused on sales and marketing from the very beginning. But what can I do? I honestly had no idea what I was doing.

Every time I visited a new salon, worked with a new trainer and visited a new city, I’d come up with new business ideas.

I started focusing on how I could create smarter strategies to grow my clientele.

It still blows my mind how this collection of strategies grew my business to multiple 6-figures!



#3 Accountability 

Had I not invested in myself, I would not have kept going. Every time I made a new investment, it held me accountable to take the next step.

It’s never easy. 

But, if I were to give some advice to my old self, I would say, “Don’t be afraid to hold yourself responsible and make the investment.” And I did!

Here’s how it went…


  • A $500 class had me practicing. 


  • A $1000 class landed me a job working for another lash artist. 


  • A $1300 class gave me the confidence to start my own business. 


  • An $1800 lash course gave me the confidence to become a trainer. 


  • A $1200 class gave me a new skill set that set me apart from the rest.


And finally, after acquiring the right experience and mindset from all the classes, I invested in…

I took a $10,000 class that taught me everything I needed to learn about business and marketing to step into the role of a CEO!


Sure! The journey was long, but it was still cheaper than a college degree.

So, where are you on your journey?


More importantly, where do you want to be in the next 6 months, 12 months or 5 years from today?


Whatever your answer is, it begins with “Investing in YOU.”



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