Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering All Areas of your Beauty Business & Delegating Tasks

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a successful Beauty CEO?

Perfect! All you have to do is delegate.

Or not!


Here’s the truth…


Delegating tasks in your beauty/lash business can be more challenging than it sounds.

There’s learning, sacrificing, and a whole lot of practicing before you can delegate with ease.

Don’t stress… I’ll walk you through the steps to start delegating tasks effectively in your beauty business.



1st STEP: Master Your Art


Lash artists that make the most money are usually great at what they do.

Start by becoming the best Lash Artist you can be through training and then practice on Live models.

Once you do that, the models that you have mastered for free will start referring clients to you.



2nd STEP: Master the Ins and Outs of your Business


Now you’re becoming a booked out lash artist and you’re earning more money from the skills you’ve mastered.

It’s time to learn to manage your schedule and schedule clients accordingly, ensuring you have proper policies and procedures that won’t lead to burnout.

At this point, it feels like it’s about time to delegate.


Not just yet…



3rd STEP: Manage your Money


Before you start hiring anyone to help you manage or grow your beauty business, here are some essential money management principles you have to understand first:


– Understanding your inventory

– How to properly pay yourself

– How to save your money

– How and where to reinvest into your business


Ignoring these steps for managing your money will cost you a ton of time, money and anxiety in the near future.

Get these things planned out and you’ll be ready to hire a team and delegate effectively to scale your beauty/lash business.



4th STEP: Determine the tasks that needs delegating


What are your goals for your business? What’s your revenue goal for the next 6 – 12 months?

Know your goals, will help you to assess how how many clients you will need and the persons you’ll need on your team to handle all those clients and a fully functioning business in the back end.


Here are a few areas in your beauty business you should consider delegating:


1. Artistry
2. Scheduling
3. Nurturing the clients you have
4. Finance
5. Photography
6. Social media
7. Marketing strategy
8. Team Management


Once you’ve done that, you’ve successfully become a Beauty CEO.


Take the 1st STEP and Get the Framework for Building a Scalable Lash Business in our Classic Lash Certification Course.


When you join the Classic Lash Certification Course, you’ll get the more than just the Artistry Training and Certification, you’re getting what you need to have a scalable lash business:


  • Building and Marketing your Brand


  • Structuring a productive booking system


  • Planning a scalable pricing system


  • How to Master the consultation process


  • ILP Timing Methods


Lashing doesn’t have a to be a side thing… you’d be happily surprised at the returns that comes from this 1 service (you’ll see the full earnings breakdown in the training)!


Click here to get STARTED.


Cheers to your success!

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